Letter to the Editor

Resident gives thanks for heat

Sunday, December 30, 2007

To the Editor:

Recently, while freezing my hands several days playing catch up combating the cold weather, I purchased two LP gas heaters.

My wife endearingly calls me "Tim-The-Tool-Man."

After numerous trips to Terre Haute and surrounding area stores, purchasing 3/8" to " to " to many feet copper tubing (wrong size), shut-off valve, pipe dope sealant, two 7/8" semi-Teflon taped fittings and all my wife's laundry detergent for detecting leaks, I gave up in desperation.

Exasperated, I turned to Ferrell Gas, Brazil, for help.

Jason and his team came out to the job site, quickly diagnosed my plumbing nightmare, and resolved it with a more professional approach.

Sometimes, it's better to swallow one's pride and consult an expert.

We wanted to thank them for a job well done. Jason and all are cool and we've got the heat.

Mike and Patty Phelps,