Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the provided help

Sunday, December 30, 2007

To the Editor:

I drive through Brazil on a regular basis to pick up my granddaughter Kaylan and to take her home after her visits with us.

On Dec. 16, a Sunday night, I had gotten Kaylan home and was returning home down SR 59, by myself, when I heard the noise that everyone dreads: The annoying flat tire.

It was 13 degrees and dark outside and I had no flashlight.

I got off the road, turned my flashers on and circled the car while deciding what I would do.

Home is about an hour away from Brazil and we'd had one of our family Christmas get-togethers so everyone was everywhere.

I decided to call 911 to see if an officer could help me.

As the police officer answered the phone, two young me in a jeep stopped to see if I needed help.

I learned that they were juniors at Northview High School and they are on the football team. These wonderful guys took the time to help me in the dark and freezing weather. They changed my tire quickly and got me on my way home.

I offered what cash I had on me for their generosity but they refused it and instead wished me safe driving and happy holidays.

I did not get their names but I hope they will see this and know how much they helped me that night.

There is hope for the world, through angels like these young men.

God bless,

Karen Nanny,