Letter to the Editor

Former addict offers support

Sunday, February 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Hello Brazil. I am a recovering addict who would like to share how recovery has saved my life.

I lived in Brazil most of my life and spent the last five years of my sentence in active addiction using Meth daily, or as often as possible.

Since moving away, I have found recovery and celebrated two years clean on Nov. 14, 2007.

I would like to tell anyone who has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol that there is help and hope.

During my recovery, I have been blessed. I got married to a wonderful man who is also in recovery. I have a job that I love. I am attending Ivy Tech. I have the best of friends and two beautiful stepdaughters who truly adore me. My life is wonderful today.

I still face struggles and obstacles, but just for today, I can get through them without using a mind-altering substance. If I can do this, so can you!

I love my family and today they not only love me, they respect me as well.

I finally have my laugh and my life back.

If you are scared, lost, lonely, bored, restless, being abused, or just want a new way of life, open up a phone book and call a treatment center or a 12-Step Helpline and get to a meeting.

You are not alone, many of us suffer from the disease of addiction, which destroys lives. If you can read this, you can get help!

Do not give up on life or yourself. You are not responsible for your disease, but you are responsible for your recovery, so start recovering today.

Do not wait until you are in jail, or worse, dead.

Take care of yourself and each other,

Jeri Zawadzki,

Atlanta, Ind.