Letter to the Editor

Reader in favor of flat tax

Sunday, February 3, 2008

To the Editor:

All you hear is "reduce property taxes" from the politicians.

They already know that when they reduce property taxes, they will start adding local option tax such as wheel tax, mileage tax and so on until you will be paying more taxes in the long run.

They will be getting richer while we will be getting poorer from paying all the taxes.

The only fair tax is the flat income tax. The way it is now, your income tax keeps going up with the more you make until you reach so much, and then it goes down.

So, the rich do not pay their share and the workingperson pays for everyone else. If we had a flat tax, everybody would pay the same percent, whether you made $10 or $100,000.

Then pass a law to stop the option taxes from the state, county and city and so on. The government spending and school spending to the amount they have instead of going in debt for money due.

Walter E. Young,