Letter to the Editor

Food Pantry volunteer offers explanation

Monday, February 18, 2008

To the Editor:

First and foremost, we are here to serve the hungry and the people that cannot afford to buy food for themselves.

Our policy is once every 30 days for food. Anyone can come in for food but we ask that they sign a form stating that they do not make over a certain amount in order to get commodities.

Secondly, we also have clothes and household items that are donated to us and give out for free. Our rules state that a person can come in once a week and fill two grocery bags. Anything over that cannot be taken. Most large items count as one bag.

A volunteer greets people as they come in and checks I.D. to make sure they are from Clay County. All our ladies are volunteers and go to great lengths to sort, fold and put the clothes out on the counter for people to look at.

As volunteers, there is no money paid to any of us. We work very hard for the people of Clay County.

We don't know the situation that occurred with a couple of ladies but when the two-bag limit is reached, then whatever is left over must be put back so that the next person can enjoy the free store. That is why we have the rules that we follow.

Norma Bunton, volunteer,