Letter to the Editor

What's with all the lawn mowers?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

To the Editor:

Lately, since of course it is winter, I have noticed several men in our town driving their riding mowers.

I have seen them on the sidewalks and on the streets.

How is this possible?

You do realize they are not mowing any yards right now and none of them have plows on the front for snow. These are being used as you and I use our automobiles. Why?

They shop at the grocery store, go to local taverns and fast food restaurants riding these mowers. This should not be allowed at any time.

I have to pay for a driver's license, license plates and auto insurance in order to drive my automobile. Why do we allow these people to get by with riding mowers around town?

What happens when one of them rides out into the street in front of us? Who pays for the damages? Those of us with high insurance.

If these people do not have a driver's license, perhaps there is a good reason for that.

If they don't have an automobile, I am sorry, but where do they feel they can use their riding mowers for automobiles?

Why do the police allow them to do this?

And the worse part is they are riding on our sidewalks. I feel that those of us who are paying big bucks for the privilege of owning and driving our automobiles should be very upset with these people who are not.

Is there nothing that can be done? Is it not illegal? If it isn't, hey, I own a riding mower and the way life is and expenses and being on a fixed income, maybe I will begin to use my mower to get around.

Jaqui Griffith,