Letter to the Editor

Daffodil Days proves very successful

Sunday, March 30, 2008

To the Editor:

Hope bloomed in the Wabash Valley this year as we painted our community yellow with Daffodils. The overwhelming support that the Wabash Valley residents, businesses and other groups showed to support the American Cancer Society Daffodil Days was incredible.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who participated in this campaign to support important society programs and resources to help people facing cancer and improve their quality of life.

Although Daffodil Days involves giving beautiful flowers, it is really about giving hope for a world free of cancer. It is heartwarming to know that so many of our fellow residents are dedicated to fighting back against cancer.

Thank you to the volunteer drivers, site coordinators, and daffodil processors as well as to everyone who support this year's Daffodil Days by requesting flowers for their homes and/or offices or donating flowers to area hospitals and health care facilities. This year, more than 5,000 daffodils were given in exchange for donations, raising $43,000.

Together, the Wabash Valley and the American Cancer Society are making a difference in the fight against cancer.


Billie Kaufman,

2008 American

Cancer Society

Daffodil Days