Letter to the Editor

Candidate introduces herself

Sunday, April 6, 2008

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Jennifer Kaelber, as a school board candidate for District 2.

I am married to Josh. I am a proud parent of four children, three of which attend Meridian Elementary School.

I am a LPN, having attended Ivy Tech State College and am currently the Social Service Director/Admission Coordinator at Holly Hill Healthcare.

I am supportive of our current building project, which addresses the facility and academic needs of our children as well as the security needs at all of our elementary schools as well as Northview, North Clay and Clay City.

The most important thing in our schools today is the safety of our children and staff members.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for our current school board members, who have completed an in-depth study of our facilities by involving our community, through local building committees and numerous public meetings.

All of our current board members supported this project by a 7-0 vote only after listening to the information presented by the various community groups and their opinions.

I am a firm believer in maintaining all of our elementary schools. I feel we need to keep our children in their own back yard as long as possible. I feel neighborhood schools give our children a sense of belonging, security and safety.

It also makes them feel a part of the educational programs that take place in our schools. This is our children's home away from home, where they spend a large part of their life learning.

I am truly amazed at the outstanding job our administrators, teachers and all support staff members are doing under extremely difficult circumstances in relation to our current antiquated facilities. I also praise our parents and community members for voicing their opinions in keeping our elementary schools open for our children.

I strongly disagree with the petition remonstrance that has recently been filed to stop the renovation of our elementary schools and stop the security needs for all schools in the corporation. This project is greatly needed for our children, staff members and community. What is more important than the safety and education of our youth?

In closing, I do not feel that the building project was ever intended to waste taxpayer money or upset people. It was put together by taxpayers, parents and community members with the idea of improving facilities fairly and equitably and at the same time, provides safe environment for the children of Clay County. I would appreciate your support of me for school board on May 6.

I will do everything I can to see our children receive a quality education while in safe environments in our schools.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Jennifer Kaelber,