Letter to the Editor

Defending the Humane Society

Sunday, April 13, 2008

To the Editor:

This letter is in regard to Tanya Jones and the letter she wrote last week.

To start things off, I want to make it clear to all of your readers that the Clay County Humane Society is not a kill shelter. They haven't been for a while now.

Also about the issue of there being a fee for dropping off an animal, that is not true either. I personally found a kitten about a month ago and it was injured and I took her up there and they took her and fixed her up and she was adopted right after that. I was not asked to pay a fee.

I am really upset that Ms. Jones did not do her homework before she wrote her letter. I am personally, along with others, trying to make a change in our community when it comes to our Humane Society. We are organizing many events for the summer and fall to help them. Those animals can't speak for themselves, so we want to speak for them.

There are a lot of unwanted animals out there. I see them everyday. So instead of putting them down, I decided to do something about it. We as a community helped put those animals there. We as a community should help them find good, decent homes.

I know that last month, the Humane Society had a clinic to neuter male cats for a small fee. I do agree with Ms. Jones' advice to get our animals spayed/neutered. That would fix the problem that we have here in our community. But that is not going to fix the problem that we have right now. We need people to come together and help us save those animals. They need our help!

So instead of putting the Humane Society down, we need to get out there and find ways to help them. Ms. Jones stated that she is only one person and she cannot solve the problem alone, but if we all join together, we can accomplish the task at hand.

Please come down to the shelter, see the beautiful animals down there. They want to be loved and cared for badly. Come out to our fundraisers. Help support the Clay County Humane Society. Become a member. Our meetings are the second Monday of every month at the Presbyterian Church.

Ms. Jones and any others that want to help fight this battle, please attend.

Jennifer Coahran,

Alicia Reisinger,