Letter to the Editor

Reader disappointed with city officials

Monday, April 14, 2008

To the Editor:

I have contacted the HSUS and will be contacting the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

The city shouldn't have the right to grant me something that I worked hard for and paid for (meaning my kennel license) and then just be able to take it away like they are doing. I feel like I am climbing a huge mountain, but I can't do this all by myself.

I don't see why the City of Brazil can't just make an exception or grandfather me in.

The City isn't helping my situation at all and it was in a great way their fault. Why should I, my husband and all of our animals be penalized? I did what they asked of, I worked hard and this is what I get.

Please come and see our home. I give you my word that you will be amazed and impressed. Please -- I beg of you.

People need to know about this. Also -- just to clarify the situation regarding my Golden Retriever that The Brazil Times mentions as well -- my Golden is only going on eight months old right now and hasn't even reached her first season and I strongly believe in breeding only the best of the breed.

I haven't even gotten her hips and/or her eyes cleared yet.

According to The Brazil Times, my neighbor states he has worked just as hard against this and that is not true. We have been remodeling our house here in excess of two years now. It takes much more than just passing a petition around to understand what it means to work hard in this situation. I have diligently altered, wormed and freed all of our animals from any/all internal and external parasites and all our up to date on their vaccinations and I have all of the receipts to prove it.

I can't even begin to tell you how much time, money, effort, sweat, hard work and love it has taken from me and my husband to take the high caliber of care in all of our animals. You just have to see it to believe it. We have been working years for this. Please come and see. People need to see the whole story.

Oops, I almost forgot to add this. I currently house 31 domesticated cats. Not a one is now a stray and/or feral.

We have taken in (rescued) a total of only four feral cats over one year ago, which have now all been reformed to be domesticated cats, which three out of those four particular cats are now extremely sweet and loving. If the board (particularly Sam Glover) is so "scared of the precedence we might be setting if we pass this," and taking away from the "historical district." I guess then having the Reberger's Storage located just a few blocks south of us is definitely adding to the historical value. Not!

Which, in addition, since this has all started from me trying to be legit about this and the zoning, do you really want me to go there?

Do you really want me to start listing off all of the businesses located here in town that are not zoned? Try me. I dare you.

Tammy Rothrock,