Letter to the Editor

Disappointed with Times' coverage

Sunday, June 22, 2008

To the Editor:

I was disappointed The Brazil Times wasted space in the newspaper surveying people on whether they were going to the Fourth of July Celebration or not, thus putting a negative spin on one of the county's biggest events of the year.

Instead, they could have provided Rotary with some free publicity by interviewing Rotarians on the hard work they are doing and plans for the upcoming event.

My father has been a Rotarian for 49 years, and I know they work all year planning this celebration in hopes that the community will enjoy it.

The local businesses are gracious to sponsor the nightly entertainment, so it is free. The money the Rotarians make during the week long festivities are brought back into the community by providing scholarships and donations to numerous charities.

So think, every time you pay for a ride or buy a chance to win $10,000, you are also helping the Rotarians to assist others in need, while providing family amusement. Sounds like a great bargain!

I always appreciated when The Brazil Times writes about positive occurrences in our community and gives attention to the numerous volunteers donating time and energy on behalf of others.

I would like to encourage the newspaper to continue that format.


Susan M. Treash,