Letter to the Editor

Area reader responds to previous letter in newspaper

Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the Editor:

Recently, there was a letter in The Times from an individual called, "Reader delves into economics of city."

Maybe he's right. Maybe industry doesn't want to come here.

After all, the Canadian brick factory went out on State Road 59 near the small community of Ashboro.

Great Dane is actually in Harmony and the coatings plant went farther on up east.

None of them are actually in Brazil.

But to give the impression that a business on the west side of Walnut Street wouldn't last is wrong. Blue Moon Gifts is on the west of Walnut Street. Lynn's Pharmacy, Harris Bank, McCurdy's, BP, atanning salon, Speedway, two optometrists, a few auto dealers, Mike's Muffler, Grey's Auto Parts, Napa, Day Care, Casey's, Emmert Realty, Trimpe Cleaners, Karen's Variety, Coffee Cup, Dairy Queen, Maurizio's, Timberland, Long John Silvers, Timberland, and the list goes on.

Come to think of it, even The Brazil Times and Eddie's Sandwich Shoppe are both west of the dividing line, which is Walnut Street.

So, if you think I started some kind of business on the west part of town, it wouldn't last and I would be back to writing letters in a very short period.

Well, if that would happen, then I guess I would be back to letter writing and continue to amaze and entertain readers like you.

As far as movie theaters go, it would be nice if Brazil had a multi-screen movie theater, but you really don't have to have one to show an R-rated movie now and then, or even matinees.

So, I get the impression that the population and economic demographics can't afford to support anything on the west side, only on the east side.

It doesn't seem to hold them back when it comes to the east side.

Good old supply and demand and basic economics. What a shame I missed out on those classes. I might be brilliant by now.

Well, the reader did have some good points. But he gives the impression there's no hope for Brazil and he could be right.

But you have to think positive and throw negative out or this town will never catch up and with a negative attitude, it probably won't.

Like I said before, the next few letters will be about cell phones and Rockville. Hopefully, I can amaze and entertain the readers.

Thanks Brazil Times. You do a good job.

Until next time, stay safe.

J.J. Weddle,