Letter to the Editor

Family offers thanks to all for support

Sunday, August 24, 2008

To the Editor:

It has been nearly three months since the passing of my mother, my rock and my best friend, Linda J. Covert.

I would like to say a very special thank you to Dr. French, Dr. Houston and Frank Kiefer. You all went above your duties as physicians in the last two years with her.

She dearly loved you, all of the staff at Dr. French's office and Prairie City United Methodist for everything you did during her life and after. You are all amazing people.

Reverend Fischer, I cannot explain in words how you have helped our family during mom's illness and now through this very difficult journey through grief.

A special thank you to Sheriff Mike Heaton and your staff. You did a superb job in the procession and brought everyone to tears with your amazing acts of kindness to our family; we thank you.

Nick French, you must truly be an angel to have dealt so kindly and patiently with my sister and me. I thank you for the wonderful services you provided.

Lorrie Best, Stephanie Runyon and Nick at St. Vincent Clay Hospital; I thank you for your extreme kindness, compassion and generosity during that final night. All the nurses at St. Vincent Clay; my mom dearly loved you all.

To all whom I have not mentioned, I apologize. So many came and continue to call with sympathy.

Last, but not least, Rod Short, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my mom and her family a wonderful 11 years. You took her grandchildren and kids in as your own, and you showed her complete love and nothing but the best of it. I thank you for always caring for her when we couldn't be there.

We love you and thank you.

My mother was a great friend, partner, grandmother, aunt, sister and mother. Thank you all.

Deanna Hellums and family of Linda Covert,