Letter to the Editor

Concern over sex offenders

Sunday, September 14, 2008

To the Editor:

I am concerned about the amount of sex offenders we have in Clay County.

We have one officer who actually deals with all of them. How can we keep a better eye on them around our children?

There was an incident where a convicted child molester was working near Eastside Elementary. He was less than 1,000 feet from the school. He worked for three days before the officer could get to him and chat with him as the officer said to me.

I called the police and Eastside Elementary to let them know he was close to the school working.

My child and niece go to Eastside Elementary and it bothered me that no one knew where he was working. What else concerns me is that the convicted child molester knew he was not supposed to be there. He disobeyed the law and was asked to leave the premises after they laughed a bit and chatted.

To me, this is no laughing matter.

It goes to show some people do not change for the better.

I would like to know if anyone else would be bothered by this and how many of you knew he was working that close to the school.

I feel, as a parent, I should let the school know and the police. I was also wondering, isn't that against his probation to be that close to a school? Did he just get a smack on the wrist or did he get something out of it?

I feel this is a serious matter and should be addressed from parents in Clay County to make sure our children are being protected.

Amy Paullus,