Letter to the Editor

Having the right to wave that flag

Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Editor:

In response to all the responses to "flag issues."

In your opinions, you state that I am the cause of other countries not liking America!

How could anyone sit back and say that one persons' opinion could have such an effect on a country of our size? I know that we all have our own views and thoughts on all kinds of issues, but must we continue to argue over facts?

The fact of this whole deal is that a gentleman opened his computer and typed a letter about someone who, may have even been from the south. Regardless of where we live, even if people were to judge you because you live there, we are human beings.

Yes, indeed I feel as if some of the other countries were to sit back and think for a minute, they would not have half as many problems that they do right now. Let's take the commercials on television for example. How can we honestly send money to "save someone," when our country faces so many problems already?

Back to the issue at hand though. Should we the people give up hope, just retire our flag, which stands for "freedom" like your saying to do so on the Bars and Stars? Those people may believe that one day, the South will rise again! Even if that never happens, let the people believe in what they want.

Some people could be offended by being judged over flying their flag. Just as if someone could find it offensive to see a bumper sticker of such. We have the right to voice our opinion, let them voice their belief in the southern state!

We can type until we are blue in the face, but the fact remains that we have freedom of speech, and no the constitution is not something to hide behind, but it will protect you, just as if a shield would. So, next time someone sees a flag flying, let's just silently hope to ourselves that they know what they are doing!

So many people choose differed sides, because they can, so that in itself should let everyone know that the few things in life we cannot argue is, religion, race, upbringing beliefs and of course, our right to believe in what we choose!

With that said, I hope this is the last letter pertaining to flags!

Jason Litz,