Letter to the Editor

Voice an opinion at that meeting

Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Editor:

I have a letter that was sent to the Center Point Water Works customers.

Although this letter was addressed to those water customers the information in the letter is going to greatly impact the water customers in the entire area.

It seems that on Sept. 10, the town of Brazil conducted a meeting.

At this meeting, they informed the surrounding towns that the water rates were going to be raised for all their customers.

The water rates for residents in Brazil will be increased by 87 percent and the rates for the surrounding towns will increase by 166 percent.

I called the mayor's office and was told that the information was correct but the rate increase is still in process.

There will be a meeting Oct. 14 and this increase will be discussed then.

I called the water office and was given the same information.

From what I gathered, the sewer rate that we pay as Brazil customers will not be lowered and that this increase is in addition to that already ridiculous rate.

The whole thing is about replacing the water tower.

Agreed, the tower is in dire need of replacement, but who do the members of our town council think will pay these exorbitant water bills?

The Brazil Times recently ran an article about almost 700 homes that were going on the market because previous homeowners could no longer afford for one reason or another to live in their homes.

Do you think that when a prospective buyer hears about the budget-breaking water rates in the area that they'll want to invest in a home in Brazil?

Does the council think that this increase will make it any easier for the people of this area to remain in this area or to remain in their homes?

Please attend the meeting on Oct. 14 and voice your opinion about these rates.

Or call your council member and let them know how you feel.

Sue Davis,