Letter to the Editor

Area store sets up fundraiser

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To the Editor:

Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries, Inc., and Learning Curve Brands, Inc., recently launched The Carton of Caring Donation Program -- a first-of-its-kind partnership to help children learn about the importance of social responsibility and giving back to their local communities.

Learning Curve created the Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Talking Dollhouse to help children learn important social skills in a fun, interactive way with real-life experiences and online games. Through play, children learn the importance of caring and responsibility. As an extension of that "real life" experience, children are encouraged to fill Mrs. Goodbee's "Carton of Caring," (the box that the dollhouse comes in) with gently-used clothing and toys and donate them at any of the 2,200 Goodwill stores in the U.S. and Canada, including the one here in Brazil, located at 219 W. National Avenue.

With the holiday season upon us, there is no better time to help children learn the meaning of giving back, and instilling a "giving, not getting" attitude. Donating is a simple, caring act that can help children expand their world from "me" to "we." When children donate their Carton of Caring to Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries, Inc., they will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Goodwill Industries, earning a special online code that "unlocks" a Caring Corners web game available only through donation.

Children learn through play and teaching the lessons of caring, sharing and giving back to their community is a lesson that is never too early to learn and to nurture. Connecting with today's youth is one way we can work together to encourage social responsibility and generosity from one generation to the next.


William Tennis,

Executive Director