Letter to the Editor

More about animal rescue center

Sunday, January 25, 2009

To the Editor:

Hello, I am the president of the Clay County Animal Rescue.

I have been rescuing animals now for more than five years and in the last few years, thought I would do it as a full-time job.

There are a lot of animals in Clay County alone that need new homes.

I have seen too many dumped and left to die in the county. I got tired of seeing dogs and cats laying on the side of the road dead because people did not want them anymore.

My 501c3 is pending and it takes a while to get it back. I am filed with the state of Indiana as a non-profit animal rescue. I do not have a business, I have a rescue.

I worked down at the humane shelter for a total of one-and-a-half years. I do not have a criminal background and the reason I am not at the humane shelter anymore is because of my rescue.

It is said I was fired twice, but in fact, I was let go once because I refused to go along with the board. There are just some things I will not do. And the second reason was because of conflict with my rescue so told to me from the board.

But I know the real reason why. I am not here to be bashed nor to bash anyone. All I want to do is help the animals out and if that is a crime, well, lock me up then.

I am really hurt the people of Brazil that make their comments on the paper really are not happy the animals are being taken care of, but just want to gossip and point fingers at people they don't know.

My heart is in it for the animals. Where I am not a people person, I am a voice for the ones that cannot speak and that is the animals. I am putting up a Rescue and Adoption Building on my land.

I have checked and I do not have to rezone and I have called and know that I can.

I am within the law and my rights to do so. I fund my own rescue. I am not asking anyone to do so. My husband and I run it and I have gotten a lot of animals out of Clay County. People just don't know.

Once my rescue building is up and going, I will have a spay/neuter clinic and I have a vet. I will have a puppy run where adopters can come play with pups and play with the dogs. I have a security system and cameras that record everything on my land.

So this is me and what I do. Please feel free to contact me or e-mail me if you have a need to at 812-691-5051 or clay-county@hotmail.com.

Chrystll Owens,

Clay City