Letter to the Editor

Who owns the 'private roads' anyway?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

To the Editor:

I just moved here from Central Indiana, where we do not have what you consider or call, "Private Roads."

Now that I live here, and pay the same taxes as everyone else, why is it that these so-called "Private Roads," are not plowed? My road is a small dead-end private road, but I don't own it, so it's not my private road, so (who does it belong to) if not the county's?

I don't understand the meaning of "Private Road," and want to know all the details of why it isn't plowed and what I could do to get it plowed.

I understand the importance of having city roads done first for the availability and safety of children attending school, but I, like many others, have a job to go to at a nursing home.

Thank you for any information you could help me with.

Susan Woodard,