Letter to the Editor

Thanks to everyone for the party

Monday, February 16, 2009

To the Editor:

Recently on Dec. 21, 2008, a group of people arranged a surprise party for my wife and I on our 50th wedding anniversary.

Although it's late, I wanted to thank these people for thinking of us on that glorious occasion.

We want to thank our two precious daughters and our sons-in-law Kathy and Eddie McHargue, Laura and Dan Wilkinson, my wife's sisters Jane Walton, Vada Oxby, our nieces, nephews, cousins, grandkids and the 40-plus people that attended.

My grandson Jason McHargue, his girlfriend Carrie, our two beautiful granddaughters Kayla Wilkinson and her boyfriend Shaun, her sister Rachel, Kimmie and Troy, our nieces Kayla, Ashley and Hannah, George and Mary Wilkinson, B-Jo and her kids Austin, Landon, Samantha, Herbie Walton, Shirley Sanders, Bruce Murdock and wife Katie and all the people that were there for all the food, drinks, cake and gifts, but most of all, we want to thank them all. Without them, there wouldn't have been an anniversary celebration.

We would also like to thank Jackson Gardens for the use of their spacious dining hall/community room.

We apologize for any names we left out.

If this letter published after Friday, Feb. 13, or Valentine's Day, we wish everyone a safe Friday Feb. 13, and a Happy Valentine's Day.

I got my valentine with me all year-round. Not just Valentine's Day. That valentine is named Alice M. (Gorman) Weddle.

On another subject, there are some great restaurants in this town, both local and name brands. But three of our favorites locals are Sunrise, Pappy's Bar-B-Que and Eddie's Sandwich Shoppe.

All three have some really good people working for them.

In my last letter, I wrote about past events and I will be writing some more about it soon. But before I do, I would like to write about three more subjects concerning: Cell phones, cable TV and (Gov. Mitch) Daniels.

Until next time, be careful. Stay alert and stay safe.

John and Alice Weddle,