Letter to the Editor

Department issues thanks to all

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To the Editor:

The Clay County Health Department would like to thank everyone who helped with the receive fifth-grade Smoking Prevention Poster Contest.

Thanks to Kevin Higgins of A Plus Printing and Jane Mills at Lamar Outdoor Advertising for contributing to the prizes.

A big thank you to all of the judges: County Councilwoman Rita Rothrock, Clay County Commissioners Paul Sinders, Jack Withers and Charlie Brown, city employee Bill Lovett, who filled in for Mayor Ann Bradshaw, Community Theater artist Julia Kapke and County Health Officer Dr. R. Farid.

Special thanks to Jack Withers for sharing his personal story with the kids to help them understand the devastation exposure to tobacco can cause.

Thanks to The Brazil Times for their excellent coverage of the event. Thanks to the Clay City News for their story. Thank you to all the staff of Clay Community Schools and Cornerstone Christian Academy.

And a very special thanks to all the fifth-grade students who participated so eagerly and enthusiastically.

It's been determined that half of all smokers will eventually die of a smoking related disease. To help prevent a child from starting to smoke is one of the greatest gifts anybody can give and it could actually save a child's life.

The Clay County Health Department