Letter to the Editor

City officials should reconsider

Sunday, July 26, 2009

To the Editor:

I understand the Brazil City Council is considering a ban on poultry-livestock within the city limits.

Although my property is zoned as county, I understand there is discussion of annexing property, which includes mine, into the city for the purpose of increasing tax revenue for the city of Brazil.

If annexation were to take place, I understand I could be required to rid my land of my hobby farm animals, which includes small Shetland sheep, pygmy goats, a llama, two mares and pet chickens.

Has the city council considered the economic impact this decision would make on the local economy, which would outweigh the amount they would generate in taxes?

If I no longer had my animals, I would not need to purchase grain, hay, medicine, or services such as veterinarian, farrier, sheep shearing, or insurance.

Local hay farmers, feed stores, and insurance agents would feel the impact.

I would not use the water in the separate water line I had installed to the barns in November 2008, which put $2,700 alone into the local economy, not to mention the monthly water bill to Brazil Utilities.

I would not need to pay for electricity or to upgrade my electrical services as I planned to do until this poultry/livestock/rezoning issue came up. Running new electrical service to two large barns would infuse a pretty penny into the local economy immediately as well as the monthly bill thereafter.

I would not need dirt or white rock hauled from local vendors. I would not need to buy additional gas at the local gas stations for my tractor or farm truck that I would no longer need. I wouldn't need repair services or replacement tires. I would have no reason to buy paint at local hardware stores, lumber from the local lumber store, or fencing supplies. Additionally, if these proposed changes do occur, which would force me to give up my hobby farm and change my lifestyle, I would choose to refinance my house, barns, land and tractor at a financial institution outside of Brazil, instead of financing through the local bank as they are currently. After all, if the city of Brazil is after more money, they would get it from me in the form of taxes after the council annexes my property and bans my hobby farm.

But it will be mere pennies compared to what will be taken out of the local economy if my property is annexed and my animals banned.

And has anyone considered how much money (your taxes) it will cost them to bring about this change?

I'm sure they would have to pay consultants, attorneys, and other professionals. Imagine the man hours put into the effort. And for what?

How much in taxes would they get from me?

A few hundred a year compared to the 10s of thousands they will spend? The Brazil City Council needs to think in larger terms than solving their immediate cash flow problem. It will cost them and the local economy more to make this change than they will recover in tax revenue.

Do the math and see for yourself.

Amy Adams,