Letter to the Editor

Congressman proud of interest in health care debate

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To the Editor:

In late July, members of the Blue Dog Coalition pushed to postpone consideration of health care reform legislation to give members a chance to go home and talk about it with our constituents.

As a member of the coalition, I supported this effort and was proud to see so many Americans taking part in this important discussion.

Here in the 8th District, I received more than 20,000 contacts from constituents about the health care reform proposals in Congress.

My staff and I met with more than 800 people in meetings with individuals and small groups, roundtable discussions, two telephone conference calls and other public events.

In addition, I have received 11,500 letters, e-mails and phone calls on health care reform from constituents and 7,400 Hoosiers have completed my online health care survey.

I want to thank those who took the time to contribute to this critical conversation, discussing their concerns, sharing their stories and offering their own ideas for change.

As the debate about reforming our nation's health care system progresses, I am taking the ideas and feedback you provided back to Washington and working to protect what works and to fix what doesn't in the current system.

But the conversation shouldn't stop there. Please stay in touch with me and continue sharing your ideas and concerns.

In addition, you can follow the debate about health care reform by visiting the 8th District Online Office (www.ellsworth.house.gov).

The Understanding Health Care Reform section contains the full text and summary of the House's version of the health insurance reform bill, as well as proposed changes to the legislations.

It also separates fact from fiction in the health care debate and provides 8th District Hoosiers with additional opportunities to make their voices heard through my online survey.


Brad Ellsworth,

Indiana 8th District Congressman