Letter to the Editor

Reader responds to guest column

Sunday, October 4, 2009

To the Editor:

In response to my friend, David Lewis' letter (Sept. 24, 2009) about parents teaching their children to disrespect our president by not allowing them to watch his speech, I would agree.

But as I began to ask around as to why, I found out it was not disrespect, but lack of trust in our president.

Mr. Lewis stated that President Obama was a motivative speaker that could do good or ill. Again, I agree, but so was an infamous German leader. History tells us that the way to make changes (good or bad) is through our youth.

President Obama spoke to a group of freshmen in North Virginia prior to his nationally broadcasted speech on education. Asked by a student what kept him going, he replied it was from letters from ordinary people and proceeded to tell them about a case of a person who was sick, got a bill for $100,000, didn't have health care and was about to lose their house. This to impressionable freshmen! One student asked why the United States didn't have universal health care. At this point, the president could have said Congress is working on it or etc., but instead, he spent several minutes explaining why our old health care plan no longer worked and his new health care plan would. He managed to get in remarks about health care reform. Could this cause lack of trust?

How about Hose Bill No. 1388? Especially Sec. 1304, Sec. 125, Item 7. Look it up for yourselves and see what you think. It's referred to as Obama's Youth Bill. I found it very frightening, but again, look for yourself.

I applaud the fact a campaign worker said the president had never missed a parent/teacher conference. Many teachers would applaud that. However, this took me to President Obama's church attendance. His record there is not very good. Since religious talk helped to get Obama elected, people now want to see a religious walk. Are we?

Consider this, for the National Day of Prayer (unlike presidents in the past, who openly celebrated), he issued a public proclamation for that Thursday, May 7, 2009, date. Yet, on Aug. 21, 2009, the day before Ramadan begins, he sent a five-minute Ramadan blessing on the White House blog. Does this give you an inkling of why we lack trust in our president?

As to disrespect, Joe Wilson's act of yelling out, "you lie" when and where he did was a definite display of disrespect. However, I keep asking myself why would he commit possible political suicide by doing it? What could he possibly gain? Again, ask yourself why.

Ask yourself also, why has the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) and the different Right to Life organizations come out so strongly against this administration?

Why did more than a million people go to Washington for a demonstration against the policies and bills this administration is trying to pass (and the media reported it as several thousand)?

I don't have the answers to these questions, but thank you David for getting me to thin and check things out. And David, if you find a party that is more constructive, positive, honor bound and wants to put God in control of our government, I will be glad to join you.

Virginia Schultz,