Letter to the Editor

Grandma has remedies for everything

Sunday, November 15, 2009

To the Editor:

Just got over 10 days with a cold.

Took day-time cough syrup and night-time syrup and aspirin.

I was thinking back when I was growing up about the onion pack on my chest and the goose grease treatment, gargling hot salt water and homemade mixes, which were handed down from grandma.

Then, there was the garlic treatment that kept everybody away from you.

Drinking lots of fluids always helped, and juices too. I always like sweet tea, and grandma liked to add cayenne pepper to all soups and that would certainly open up the airways.

Today, I feel they place lots of store on vitamins and the old standby, "chicken soup." I hate chicken in any form.

Grandma used to come up also with the apricot treatment for the cough that lingered after the cold. The one that always kept you awake after going to bed.

Grandma always said oatmeal was good for the heart, cholesterol and some of the other chemicals our bodies need.

Anyway, my doctor has me taking pills for high cholesterol. One thing I have learned about all the new antibiotics, Tums can affect heart and blood pressure medicine and hinder certain antibiotics from doing the job they were given for.

That is most antiacids. Always check with your doctor.

The things I've learned are to keep "cold packs" on hand for everything. Today, I thank the Lord for 82 years and my doctors for keeping me going and my friends along for the ride to eternity.


Marion "Sarge" Eveland,