Letter to the Editor

Reader responds to President

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To the Editor:

Mr. President, my response:

I'm saying what I feel, and that's my opinion.

I'm supporting you in the decision to send more men to the Middle East to assist in shortening the war.

However, Mr. President, I feel that we definitely need a military draft to maintain our strength as a nation and to get a cross-section of young men to serve our country, either militarily or in a field of service as a non-combatant.

Those that choose to go to college, be allowed to do so, but every male selected by number serve an obligated tour.

After combat training and a related skill up to six months, and be available to replace tired war weary and five times Middle East assigned troops whom have been there, done that 24/7.

These men are coming back needing long rests, and they are not getting it right now, and we saw the cream of our nation's future officers at West Point, whom will be leading troops in the Middle East sooner or later, and for then to have the problem of these several times troops there under them, reminds me of the many medical problems in the future when they return.

By starting the draft, using the number system, will allow the National Guard to all come home, and be national, not "international."

The guard is not mercenaries, and they too, need rest, although called upon from local units, allows larger numbers to be killed or maimed from local areas. Allow the guard to return to their jobs and families, and keep the home front safe.

Do not allow election years to interfere with start up of the draft.

Some of these same troops have served in Bosnia and Serbia, and now in the Middle East.

We do not need a nation of men returning with war nerves.

Force "Mr. K" out of office, appoint a military governor and bring a village elder in from each of the villages and run the country with the increased troops until the country can run itself.

In your military cabinet, also have your top military leaders of that country appointed on the commission.

Mr. President, we are there.

We should stay there until the job is done.

Therefore, you have my opinion.

Not on a withdraw date.


Marion "Sarge" Eveland,


P.S. -- Put a freeze on gas and oil and food pricing.