Letter to the Editor

Remember true meaning of Christmas

Sunday, December 20, 2009

To the Editor:

This letter is for all of the people who have lost the true meaning of Christmas.

Years ago, when I was a little boy, as the story goes, we had nothing compared to what children expect these days. We settled for the smallest of toys, and were delighted to have gotten those.

My brother, sister and I came from a house that consisted of "love" and hardly money.

While children these days are often "disappointed" with gifts, we would have shoveled snow for months to have received gifts of such.

My mother and father both worked full-time jobs and I remember around the holidays, dad working so much we hardly got to see him. We made do, because we had so much love, that we were always happy with whatever came our way.

To come straight out and say what it is I am saying, "good job mom and dad," for a job well done. Thanks for the best Christmas, every year.

I hope the younger generation gets to read this and feel what the holiday spirit is all about.

Jason Litz,