Letter to the Editor

What can be done about roads?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

To the Editor:

I am not a parent, but a concerned citizen.

My concerns relate to Northview High School, Kennedy's Crossing Road, and Hendricks Street.

Northview school has our youth going to school on "Death Roads."

I was born and raised in Bee Ridge, moved away, came back and this road has taken a few of our "young kids." This isn't right.

How many is it going to take before the "system" is going to do something?

Take notice, pave the road, widen the road, paint lines, put up guardrails. Do something. It's not right for families to drive down this road and see "crosses" in the ditches.

These are our young "kids."

It angers me. Nice school, bad road, that accesses this place to educate our "children" with the crosses on it.

Let's do something people.

Rick Sanders,