Letter to the Editor

Appalled with driver's license issue

Monday, February 15, 2010

To the Editor:

I read the letter from the lady in Ellettsville about driver's licenses and was stunned.

Glad to find out this info before I have to renew my license, but also appalled.

I cannot believe that the state of Indiana treats women worse than they treat foreigners, who are not even American citizens.

I, too, am divorced and hope I can find my original marriage license and divorce decree. Actually, I think it isn't any business of the states for you to have to show all this to get a driver's license.

First, I never took my maiden name back when I was divorced and have had my married name since 1964. And for all those women out there who don't have these papers, now the state and local governments will make a killing on what it will cost to get copies of these.

I know it cost me $25 through the state of Florida to get a birth certificate so I could get my license.

Also, one thing that state requires which is wrong is a copy of your social security card. You do know this is only to be used for an employer, social security or anything to do with taxes, and not to be used for identification purposes. Just had to add that info.

A bit of advice to all the women in the state of Indiana is that when you get married, do not take your husband's name.

Keep your maiden name and then the state won't have to have all this additional info.

Your name will be the same as your birth certificate and there you go.

What I don't understand is if I have a valid driver's license already in this state, have no tickets or warrants, why I should have to show all this other stuff to them. Anyone have an answer for that?

Why is it there are foreigners living in our state and our city, who are residents here and go to Illinois to get license plates and driver's licenses, and no one questions them at all? We just accept it.

But I, who was born in this country and am a United States citizen, taxpayer (and trust me, I pay plenty of taxes) is being treated like a second-class citizen in this fine state of Indiana because I am a female?

What was our governor thinking?

Oh, I know, the same thing he was thinking when he decided we should move our time zone up to the same as the east coast. Now that was a great move, right?

I can just hardly wait to have to renew my license. I will have to get a backpack to take everything in that I will need to have them done.

I might even need a U-haul so that I am sure I have everything this state needs to issue me a license. Oh, hey, I could just drive like a lot of people and not even have one.

Then I could go to jail and the state would be able to support me and wouldn't have any worries.

I remember in the 60s, we used to say, "You've come a long way, baby," but lordy, now we are back in the 20s, like when women didn't even have a right to vote.

Are we not being discriminated against because we are females? It sure is a sad, sad time for this fair state.

Maybe it is time we voted out the 'good 'ole boys' and voted in more women.

Oh wait, women are way too honest and have far too much good old common sense to be in office.

Jaqui Griffith,