Letter to the Editor

Response to relief fund is wonderful

Sunday, March 14, 2010

To the Editor:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Last week writing to the editor, I was much surprised by the response.

Some of you came through with pop cans galore. We received phone calls and people it seemed just waited until this time with the snow all but melted, that it was time to tell us to come pick up those cans.

I hope that each of you had a blessing come your way, as we obtained another half load of much needed pop cans for our "Rice for Haiti Children" project.

As I always state that we buy the large plastic bags, provide hauling, labor, etc., for not only pop cans, but tabs for McDonald House as well.

We have just more than another one-half million tabs, and we personally haul them to Indianapolis, and turn over to McDonald House in person. This enables one and all to stay there while a loved one is being treated in an area hospital there, stay at a reduced rate and many times if unable to pay, then free.

We have a short crew now as Brother Wayne West recuperates from surgery. Our can man works every day at keeping cans picked up and processed.

If you have pop cans (beer cans accepted), we appreciate your contacting us for pickup. Thanks to those like Mrs. Slaughter, whom drops off every two weeks. And like Jim Sheese with all he had for pickup. If you can, please drop off at Bedwell Tire (National Avenue) or phone 442-6954, and we will arrange a pickup. You'll be thanked and blessed by several thousand young children whom are able to eat one more meal.

A special thanks to the lady on Jackson Street whom gave almost a pickup load and to Mrs. Kumpf in Turner. There are so many people we appreciate.

Again, Union United Methodist Church on Airport Road Missionary Group of women came through with a nice load, and we did not forget that the men "had" a big hand in this too.

They helped complete the 55th ton of rice and we are working on No. 56. We are not trying to buy a country, but to feed starving kids.

We don't ask for money, just those throw-away pop cans.


"Sarge" Eveland,