Letter to the Editor

Reader offers up more of city's historical past

Sunday, March 28, 2010

To the Editor:

As I type this letter looking out my window facing Jackson Street, I see the traffic on National Avenue and Jackson and both streets seem to be pretty busy. Busy in the day, but not so busy at night.

This is the advantages of living in this huge lovely, spacious white apartment in the middle of the third floor at 122 W. Jackson.

Well enough of the home scene. Now it's time to talk about Brazil history.

The Brazil Trading Post, owned and operated by Bill Gibson, once the location of Shuee's Restaurant, where my wife and I bought most of our kitchen linoleum when we were living in regular houses. His son, Bill Jr., later ran the business.

Bill Sr. also owned an apartment house next door.

Also next door was Todd's Supermarket, now the location of Aerial Arts Fireworks, Adamson's Laundry and Dry Cleaning, a lumber company once used by a cookie store selling day-old cookies, a food pantry. Now it's R&R Feds, Hicks Auto Supply. Now Lighthouse Store, Wadsworth Furnace, Chatterbox Tavern, Hayes Market. Later Mike's, Browns' Hardware, Chuck's Barbershop, Clark's Super 100, Grey's Automotive, A west end liquor store, West End Drug Store, Chet Stewart's Standard Service. Now Superior Auto Sales.

All these older places were located on the south side of United States 40.

Well, St. Patrick's Day may be over, but I still hear people talking about drinking Irish brew, home brewed, eating Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage, rasher's, Reuben Sandwiches, potatoes, sour kraut, cheese, sauce and of course, drinking green beer.

They must have really idolized St. Paddy.

Well, until next time, I'll be writing to you from the comfort of the big white apartment on the third floor at 122 W. Jackson St.

Not just any apartment, it's the home of Jocko and Peachering.

Jocko is the nickname of my later brother-in-law Sonny Eaglin gave me years and Peachering is what I called my wife Alice 53 years ago come July this year. It's also the home of Snow Ellen White, our 2-year-old Parakeet. She's white with a touch of blue.

More Brazil history next time. Until then, take care and be fair.

John J. Weddle,