Letter to the Editor

Fundraiser set up for veterans

Sunday, April 11, 2010

To the Editor:

The V.F.W. and American Legion are coming together to raise funds to purchase a new SUV for the veterans of Clay County.

V.F.S. had a meeting last Tuesday evening to plan their first fundraiser.

And out of that planned event, the American Legion will meet and plan theirs.

The clubs from Clay City are asked to connect with us that we might coordinate activities, too.

The Eagles Club of Brazil expressed a desire to also be counted on helping with a fundraiser.

Watch the local papers that you may assist and take part in the purchase of this new vehicle.

We appreciate the van that was donated by the Buell family.

However, it is now just worn out. Repairs are too numerous to remain roadworthy.

A committee of American Legion, V.F.W., D.A.V., and vets total six members that will direct this fundraiser, and your local dealers have submitted bids, which will guarantee cost for time needed to raise the monies.

Marion Eveland,