Letter to the Editor

Reader thanks county residents

Sunday, April 18, 2010

To the Editor:

Hey now, Clay County. You are coming through in great form.

We have another load ready to go to the scrap man. Yes, the 56th ton is in the making, and the price has come up some, which means that the "Rice for Haiti Children" will be able to keep on eating and growing with the knowledge that some people care enough to help us keep feeding thousands.

We don't ask for your money, only those aluminum cans with pop tabs. We can also send to the McDonald House that provides a place for anyone whom has a loved one in a nearby hospital. With a low cost or for those that cannot afford it, free lodging.

We appreciate all whom save even a small shopping bag of pop cans, and the Union United Methodist Church on Airport Road. Those missionary minded ladies whom we know have husbands and sons and daughters that help.

We appreciate everyone in the project of helping provide the cans and tabs. Drop them off at Bedwell Tire phone 442-6954 or 448-2873 and we will arrange pickup.

No cost comes out of "Rice for Haiti" project funds. The church buys large bags and transports.

Marion Eveland,