Letter to the Editor

Thanks for supporting veterans

Sunday, April 25, 2010

To the Editor:

Funds came in for mini-van for Clay Vet office

Lynne Llewellyn gave Sarge $192 and three checks and that was good news to start.

And some sad news as one of the check writer's check had been written too long ago and writer had passed away and wife had been placed in a nursing home.

The check was marked void by this receiver and sent back to family.

When present to Mike Lawson, President of our hometown bank, he was kind enough to pass along some information which will help our Clay vet group and without hesitation, drew a sum of money from his wallet and sad, "add this to your deposit."

I just cannot ask people for money.

I'm one for fundraiser like the spaghetti dinner with garlic bread at V.F.W. Club on South Depot April 30, 4-7 p.m., for all ages open house costing $5, is one of the combined V.F.W. and American Legion working together and the mouth-watering dinner on May 9 planned at the legion club on State Road 59 are two of the first.

The Eagles on corner of Main Street and SR 59 adds their pork chop dinner May 22 to help all Clay vets, Brazil and Clay County, working together, and with V.F.W. down at Clay City, I feel that it will be a successful project along with some possible plans at the local Brazil National Guard Armory whom have always come through with help.

Our V.F.W. population are growing older and must needed trustworthy transportation is required for medical appointments. Veterans, as well as anyone else desiring to assist us in raising funds needed for this, may drop off a check at the drive through at Riddell National Bank, Brazil, or send to Mike Holland, VA office, Box 104, Court House, 609 E. National Ave., Brazil, or Sarge Eveland, Box 146, Knightsville, Ind. Make checks payable "Clay Vets GRP" for mini-van.


Sarge Eveland,