Letter to the Editor

Remember animals at this time of year

Sunday, May 2, 2010

To the Editor:

Springtime brings out "the birds and the bees," especially in the animal world.

Puppies and kittens have come into this world this spring and many are unfortunately finding their way to the Humane Shelter, instead of going immediately to loving homes.

Times are tough for everyone, but especially for an unwanted animal. Please find it in your heart to donate something to the Shelter this May.

It could be newspapers, old blankets, pet bowls, a bag of dog or cat food or cat litter.

Even food for the little ones, such as puppy chow, kitten chow or kitten formula, would be so very much appreciated.

Fixing your own animals would be the biggest help. There are non-profit spay and neuter clinics close by.

If you don't have anything extra to give but time, please give that.

If helping to clean is not your style, you could give walks to dogs, play with them or just sit with the cats and pet them.

Please do something to help God's little creatures.

They really need your help.

Amy Burke Adams,