Public Record

Friday, May 21, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse May 17-20:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Ronald T. Forsythe Vs. Jennifer S. Forsythe: Domestic Relations

Beneficial Financial Inc. Vs. Cindy A. MacBeth: Civil Collections

Citi Bank Vs. John A. Tabasco: Civil Collections

Citi Bank Vs. Patricia A Hufford: Civil Collections

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

LVNV Funding LLC Vs. April Simmons: Civil Collections

LVNV Funding LLC Vs. Diana M. Deighton: Civil Collections

Citi Bank Vs. Marion G. Snow Sr.: Civil Collections

American Acceptance Company Vs. Mary E. Stone: Civil Collections

Robert E Ripberger, Joella S Ripberger Vs. David Smerdel, Laura Smerdel: Civil Plenary

Amanda R. Meadows Vs. Spencer T. Sowers: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service Inc. Vs. Karen Swickard: Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service Inc. Vs. Dustin Matlock: Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service Inc. Vs. Debbie Nevins, Michael Evans: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

George I. Riddell, 35, Brazil, and Kimberly Sutherlin, 30, Greencastle

Zachary J. Lovett, 24, Rushville, Ind., Jamie M. Garvin, 23, Brazil

Robert Ray Aldred Jr., 18, Brazil, and Stephanie L. Hill, 20, Brazil

James M. Crabb, 47, Brazil, and Jessica S. Lawhorn, 25, Brazil

Harry R. Frazier, 32, Brazil, and Diana K. Meeks, 29, Brazil

Joseph D. Yates, Brazil, and Carissa M. James, 18, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Nathan P. Meeker, 22, Possession of marijuana, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person, operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more

Mandra Danielle Hensley, 30, driving while suspended

Joshua T. Pleake, 19, possession pf marijuana