Letter to the Editor

'Rice for Haiti' project ongoing

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To the Editor:

Just a few words to let Clay County know we are still in the pop can business to feed the Haiti children project.

Just think of your donated pop cans (say, 25 of them), will feed a child in Haiti for a day.

If you have the cans and have pulled the tabs, just give us a phone call and we'll see that they are picked up. We don't show you pics of starving children. We would rather show you one of a child enjoying that rice along with some red beans mixed in. Yes, their diet seems to be the same every day, and they appreciate it.

Our missionary feeds them the bread of life and they get rice with red beans every day.

Thanks to many of you. Keep collecting pop cans and tabs for the McDonald House and call us if you can't drop off at Bedwell Tire, 212 W. National Ave., or phone 442-6954 or 448-2873 (leave a message).

We'll call back and arrange for pick up.


Marion "Sarge" Eveland,