Letter to the Editor

Pastor, family offer thanks to community

Sunday, June 27, 2010

To the Editor:

We thank Brazil and the Clay County community for your love, prayers and encouragement over the last eight years. We have enjoyed our time here and will leave with many good memories.

Thank you to the teachers, staff, instructors and coaches who helped guide my children in their education and life goals.

Thank you to the Hamilton Center, Company's Coming, LCC committee, Brazilian Lanes, Northview High School, PDF and Brazil Family Medicine for providing jobs to our family.

Thank you to the local community theater for giving us roles in the musicals and many laughs along the way.

Thank you to the YMCA, SOS, Benevolence Ministry and the Food Pantry for serving our community in special ways.

Thank you to mama Nancy and family for helping raise Mary. Thank you to First Christian Church Daycare for giving our children a safe and Godly environment during the day. Thank you to Open Hands Preschool for preparing Caleb for elementary school.

Thank you to French Funeral Home and Moore Funeral Home for entrusting me to speak to families in their times of grief.

Thank you to Tim Rayle and Jan Gambill, who allowed me the opportunity to coach girls' soccer at Northview. Thank you to the Lady Knights and their parents. Thank you Garth Woodcox for being a great partner on the field. You are all champions.

Thank you to St. Vincent Clay Hospital and Cloverleaf Health Center and Brazil Family Medicine for their excellent work in our community and especially for the times my family needed you.

Thank you to Gary Scroggins, Bob Kumpf, Bob Witte, Mark Thompson, and the pastors of the community for your friendship and your continued love of God and people.

Thank you to John Howes, Jimmy Grey, Steve Short, Les Miller, Chad Zaucha, and Craig Johnson for running ahead, behind or beside me on the streets of Brazil.

Thank you to Brazil First United Methodist Church. The staff is a joy to work with. The people are wonderful. It has been an honor and privilege for me to be your pastor. You have been kind to my family and I. I pray that you will continue to show the love of God to the community and the world.

Pastor Tony Alstott,

Brazil First United Methodist Church