Letter to the Editor

CCVFD thanks all for the help

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To the Editor:

Center Point and Community Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., had our annual fish fry Saturday, June 26.

I would like to publicly thank all who helped and supported us on that day.

It was horribly hot, but many braved the heat. Those (like me) who prefer cooler temperatures purchased dinners through the drive-thru.

We grossed nearly $20,000, and profited nearly $8,500. Thank you.

I won't list individuals, as I will surely forget someone. But dozens of area businesses provided raffle prizes or support. A handful of firemen worked very hard all week to be set up early. I especially wish to thank our Junior Firefighters, who worked as hard, or harder, than the firemen. They are a lot younger, you know.

From those who baked beans and pies to those who ventured out to buy dinners, thank you.

Fish Fry is always the last Saturday of June. Please keep that in mind as we ask for help in the serving lines, breading fish and working the drive-thru next year.

Help has gotten more and more unavailable and a dozen firefighters and spouses can only stretch so far.

Again, thank you very much to all who participated in any capacity.

Roy Smith, Treasurer,

Center Point Volunteer Fire Department.