Letter to the Editor

Taking issue with other letters

Sunday, August 29, 2010

To the Editor:

In response to letters published Aug. 23, 2010.

First, to Mr. William James and his opinion of our troops.

I happen to have three grown children currently serving in the military and know lots of other soldiers and their families.

None of them are anywhere near the trash you are making them out to be! I really think you should reconsider the sources you get your news from.

Second, to the reader pleading for cleanup of the city (Carmen Johnson).

Yes, I agree there is a lot of trash around our city. But to blame it all on "our youth and unfavorable" citizens is very wrong.

I am a tax paying property owner who happens to clean the parking lots at Aldis and I can tell you for fact that it is always the fanciest cars that leave the most trash behind.

As far as the youth hanging out at Kroger, you would be surprised at the "well to-do" families they come from.

I think our local police have better things to do, like bust drug dealers and such.

Instead of focusing on paper trash in lots, you should be paying attention to the real trash doing drug deals at gas stations all over town.

Now that is something that needs cleaned up.

Darlene Kilker,