Letter to the Editor

Remembering, honoring friend of the family

Sunday, August 29, 2010

To the Editor:

This is for every person that has loved and lost a pet, young and old.

Why can't there be a small column for pet lovers, that have lost a pet, to help with the loss and grieving part? I had a puppy that grew to be a wonderful dog. She would sit by your feet and wanted her head padded and hold out her paw to comfort you if she felt like you needed it.

She would never ask for anything in return.

When my mother retired, she watched over the house and her until I got home from work at night.

She had her way of letting you know if something was wrong. She even, ever so gentle, placed her paws on my mother's chest to let her know something was wrong.

Sad to say, my mother died at the hospital from a heart attack in 2004.

Cloe, my dog, got me through it. Now, seven years later, at the age of 11, I held my beloved dog in my arms as she slipped away and died.

As I prepared her resting place, under a pine tree, I placed her on her warm blanket, with her new velvet paw Christmas stocking as a pillow and her toys at her side.

I placed her winter coat on her back for the long journey ahead.

I cried and prayed I would get through this difficult time.

Now, some people may think I'm crazy, but God created everything, "even animals."

She was like my family, "my baby," and four nights later, I was wakened by a noise.

At the foot of the bed stood Cloe. She looked young and happy. Her fur had a bright glow to it and what appeared on her back were two tiny wings. My prayers had been answered. Then, she was gone.

Some of us that do love pets and need this, so we can get some closure.

So here is my obituary for my beloved dog Cloe:

"In loving memory of"

Cloe Lee

Nickname: CloClo

Breed -- Beagle

Date of Birth -- April 1, 2000

Passed away at home at 5:05, Aug. 21, 2010.

Age -- 11-years-old

Sadly missed and always loved

Mommy (Mona Lee)

Sister Zoe, Sofie and Corkie

Mona Lee,