Letter to the Editor

What has happened to this town?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

To the Editor:

I'm a visitor to your town, but an actual native of Indiana.

I was born here, but moved away about 40 years ago.

I've enjoyed my visit and have been some places I had never been before.

And I've seen just how much natural beauty lays all around here, probably like many who live here all the time.

I didn't really notice and appreciate it.

Now, I am awed every time I drive down a county road an realize I once lived in such a wonderful place.

I guess I was probably too young and too busy with life to see it.

I'm much older now and hopefully, much wiser.

I now live where there are no rolling green hills, no fields of corn for as far as you can see and no towering trees that are almost magical from their first budding in the spring to their blazing departure in the fall.

These are the things I will remember and hopefully come back to enjoy some day.

I will be leaving though, with a little sadness for this little town.

For as much beauty as surrounds it, there is much neglect within.

I have seen and felt the deterioration of the streets and neighborhoods around town.

I cannot help but wonder why people here have let this happen to their little town.

Why they haven't gotten together and put some pressure on the "powers that be?"

And why the town suffers neglect while miles and miles of new road leads away from town past a lot of beautiful, expensive homes.

Brazil deserves better and I hope will get better in the near future.

Dee Hicks,

former resident