Letter to the Editor

Reader calls on others to 'wake up'

Sunday, October 17, 2010

To the Editor:

1940s -- Baton Death March -- soldiers who couldn't walk anymore were forced to dig their own graves. They were thrown in, poured gasoline on and burned alive.

After World War II, the Japanese took over businesses in Hawaii.

1970s -- They flooded the market with junk electronics. American companies were forced out of business.

1980s -- Inland Steel helped Nippon Steel build a blast furnace that made more iron in eight hours than Inland could in a week. The Japanese flooded the market with cheap steel.

More than 20,000 workers lost their jobs.

Forty houses a day were being foreclosed on in Lake County.

IRL is not American.

NASCAR is not American.

AMA is not American.

Trusting the Japanese is like saying that Toyota didn't recall millions of vehicles.

Wake up America.

John R. McCullough,