Letter to the Editor

NHS volleyball team pleased

Sunday, October 31, 2010

To the Editor:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank several people for making another great season of Northview Volleyball.

The help that all of these people gave us made Northview Volleyball one that our community should be proud of.

Shelia Clark for all of her help with the girls' shirts, meal coordination, fundraiser, and hospitality room.

Chip and Sara Morris for recording all of our games to help see where we needed work. Melinda Emmert for coordinating our team meal and locker decorations.

Pam Hayers for her coordinating of the banner sales. All of our parents that took turns providing the girl meals.

Jan Gambill for all her help in giving the coaches so much support and providing us a challenging schedule.

Kent and Sally Bass for coordinating the end-of-season banquet. Leslee McDonald (unfortunate wife of head coach) for all her help this year with shirt orders, the book, and so much more.

Kevin Higgins and his staff at A+ Printing for the great shirts and senior night booklets.

Marsha Duregger for taking so many great pictures of the girls.

Tracy Clark and Sara Morris for coordinating the scrapbooks for the seniors. Denise Buck for overseeing the senior blankets.

As well as so many others, thank you for making this season of Northview Volleyball a success.

Yours in Volleyball,

Scott McDonald, Head Volleyball Coach Northview High School, Harmony