Letter to the Editor

Loving money equals loss of values

Sunday, October 31, 2010

To the Editor:

John McCullough's recent letter detailing America's involvement with Japan struck a raw nerve with me.

The United States calls Vietnam one of our great friends and trading partners now ... a scant 35 years after the fall of South Vietnam.

These same people who we gave more than 50,000 lives to now has favored trade status with the U.S., while still not accounting for numerous M.I.A. and missing soldiers.

Meanwhile, the U.S.A. also seems to have a cozy relationship with China, a country that supports North Korea, Iran, and any other country who seems to be in conflict with the world.

America's love of money and loss of moral values will be the undoing of our country.

Fifty thousand dead soldiers are turning in their graves.

Bruce Price,

Bowling Green