Letter to the Editor

Reader wants Brazil restored

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To the Editor:

My husband and I decided to return to Brazil after being gone for a few years.

I couldn't help but feel some disappointment when seeing Brazil again.

The crumbling sidewalks and the non-existing curbs downtown seem to stick out.

The old buildings that gave a city character are in need of restoration and houses, one caving in, in need of taken down, all a danger to children.

The water tower in great need of paint.

While looking for a house to buy, we noticed every side road taken was bumpy and in need to be completely repaved, not patched.

As a taxpayer, all should be concerned as to where your money is going and should voice their concern.

I would love to see everyone in Brazil take care of their homes, property and work together to make our city clean.

Everyone should take pride in his or her city. Brazil could be so beautiful. This is our home and we missed it and wanted to come back.

If you should one day leave it, as we did, and live where constant repairs were taking place, you also would see the disrepair when you returned.

Our hearts are here with our family.

I'm hoping and praying by writing this, that everyone that lives here will take to make our city shine and start to love our city again.

Carrie Lohrman,