Public Record

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Nov. 12-17:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Arrow Financial Services Vs Charles Modglin: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs Shirley A. McCollister: Civil Collections

Palisades Collection Vs Ralph P. Sutherland: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs Linya L. Rehmel: Civil Collections

James A. Inman Vs Quita L. Inman: Domestic Relations

NationStar Mortgage Vs James J. Burk Sr., Karen J. Burk, State of Indiana/Attorney General: Mortgage Foreclosure

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Dell Financial Service Vs Belinda M. Lafary: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs Richard D. Wilson: Civil Collections

LVNV Funding Vs Tamara Houser: Civil Collections

Daniel W. Kelly Vs Denise Kelly: Domestic Relations

Vincent R. Long Vs Bobbie L. Long: Domestic Relations

Beneficial Indiana Inc. Vs Jonathan S. James, Juleigh S. James: Mortgage Foreclosure

Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service Inc. Vs Debbie R and Rudy Leanio

Professional Accounts Service Inc. Vs Richard Rutledge

Med-1 Solutions Vs Dennis J. Baire

The Clay Community School Corporation filed small claims cases against the following individuals: Kristi Raines, Lori Ross, Holly Geralds, Karen Shrader, Todd and Libby Receveur, Shannon Orman, William Hitt, Carla Prather, Richard Jones, Lisa Ratcliff-Kleiber, Sherry Lewis, Jessica Lundy, Toni Moore, Mario Martinez, Jacqueline Mitchell, Chris Dean, Amy Nussel and Jamie Overton

State Criminal Charges

Louis M. Cox, 23: Illegal taking of wild animal

Joseph P. Sons, 20: Driving while suspended

Kodey D. Bowman, 22: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Ashley D. Jeffrey, 22: Conversion

Kathryn D. Fugate, 45: Receiving stolen auto parts, Resisting law enforcement

Andrea Downing, 37: (2 counts) Theft

Cary L. Russell, 19: Reckless driving, Speeding

Shane A. Harbaugh, 42: Domestic battery, Interference with the reporting of a crime

Jack Barnett, 53: Public intoxication

Joseph Ira Turner, 29: (2 counts) Operating a vehicle without ever receiving license

William Joe Goss, 38: Battery

Michael Joseph Thompson, 18: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated/endangering a person (refusal), Operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license, Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Heather M. Bewley, 32: Conversion