Letter to the Editor

More streets in city need paving

Sunday, November 21, 2010

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the one that was in the paper (Oct. 15).

I have lived in Brazil for most of my life and can recall a time when our streets were not in such disrepair.

I am daily reminded of those better days whenever I drive most anywhere in the city of Brazil.

It saddens me greatly to see the streets crumbling away since they were last paved.

But when I drive just to the west, say in Terre Haute, I see new road construction going on daily, yet we can't even pave our streets.

They just paved Pinckley Street again and it seems that is mostly the only street to get any new blacktop other than Jackson Street in the last 25 years.

They say Mayor (Norval) Pickett put the city in debt by paving the streets back in the early to mid-80s, but hey, if that is true, than he was doing pretty good by me. At least we could drive around town without rattling our nice vehicles apart when going to town to do our bidding.

I don't know how one city 15 miles away seems to grow and prosper and we just sit and decay.

It saddens my greatly.

Please, Mayor Bradshaw, give us some new blacktop to cruise around town on.

Maybe it might actually make someone want to move here and live or even set up shop.

Thank you.

Earnest Chesshir,