Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Dec. 17-22:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Midland Funding Vs. Joseph E. Odell: Civil Collections

Chase Bank USA Vs. Pamela K. Netherlain: Civil Collections

Erin D. Boyce Vs. John W. Boyce: Domestic Relations

Julie E. Tincher Vs. Samuel E. Tincher: Domestic Relations

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Farm Credit Services of Midamerica Vs. Robert L. Carver and Elisabeth T. Carver: Mortgage Foreclosure

Capital One Bank Vs. Donna H. Carr: Civil Collections

Heather M. Daugherty Vs. Jeffrey L. Daugherty: Domestic Relations

Deanna L. Hellums Vs. Todd D. Hellums: Domestic Relations

Amy R. Nannie Vs. Brandon R. Nannie: Domestic Relations

Dennis W. Barnett Vs. Michael M. Webb: Civil Plenary

Small Claims

Clay County Board of Commissioners Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Charles C. Frye, Danny Francis, Joseph R. Fosnow, Beth A. Elmore, William P. Garvin, Michael J. Harden and Kathy Garvin: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Benjamin D. Keller, 28, Terre Haute, and Anna Rebekah Hill, 28, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Garrett B. Sowers, 17: Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Chad V. Godsey, 30: Public intoxication

Rachelle M. Cutrara, 32: Invasion of privacy

Maria A. Hutchins, 31: 1. Theft 2. Resisting law enforcement 3. Possession of precursors 4. Maintaining a common nuisance 5. Storage/transport of ammonia illegally 6. Possession of marijuana 7. Criminal trespass

Alfred S. Sanders, 20: 1. Theft 2. Possession of precursors 3. Storage/transport of ammonia illegally 4. Possession of marijuana 5. Criminal trespass 6. Visiting a common nuisance

Antonio R. Lopez, 49: Public intoxication

Kimberly Painter, 46: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person with a prior

Joshua T. Shelley, 19: Conversion

Gary R. Leloup, 47: Unlawful taking of a deer or wild turkey

Anthony R. Rauch, 21: Domestic battery

Stephen R. Slack Jr., 39: 1. Operating a motor vehicle after forfeiture of license for life 2. Resisting law enforcement 3. Criminal recklessness