Letter to the Editor

Weighing smoking vs. obesity

Thursday, December 23, 2010

To the Editor:

Smoking vs. Obesity: Did you know that the second cause of death in the United States is obesity?

I think that we (Clay County citizens) should form a coalition to stop obesity.

We could pass an ordinance stating that all people suspected of being obese should have to be measured and weighed prior to purchasing food from any establishment, i.e., bars, restaurants, Walmart, Kroger, etc.

If you are found to be obese by federal height and weight standards, you should only be allowed to purchase low fat food and dietary items.

If you choose to eat out, and you are determined obese, you should have your own private room/menu (only for the obese) so we the smokers and the other 25 percent of those who really don't care, don't have to watch you kill yourself by ingestion and over indulgence.

Research provided by the Centers for Disease Control has shown that in 2009, approximately 23.1 percent of Americans smoke.

Under the same research, 24.8 percent of Indiana residents alone were obese.

It's all on the Internet.

Check it out for yourselves.

I'm not trying to attack anyone or take away his or her God given right to choose, but it all boils down to choice.

If you don't like smoking, go some place where people choose not to smoke.

But don't attack the ones who choose the alternative.

Come on people. Find a worthy cause to fight for other than, "Oh, I don't like smoking, so I'll create my own crusade."

Prohibition didn't work either and crime went through the roof.

Who is going to enforce a no-smoking ban?

With the shape our economy is in, I know there are better things we all could be doing.

Paul Wetnight,